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日曜日, 3月 02, 0020

Weekend.. boring...

whole week.. dunno why did not have the mood to work,must be because of the issue on Thursday with one of the customer feedback. That stupid escapee has made me going to work tedious. Because of him escaping , the whole woodlands checkpoint is jam as Singapore Customs are doing 100% inspection on all vehicles leaving Singapore.

Also yesterday had to perform duty on Sat , and imagine , i had to walk into my company from the front gate.. damm...

With the upcoming F1 in Sept , and 1st night race , the F1 fever is high in Singapore, so many events held at the Ngee Ann City open space.. This weekend RBS was there when we went to town for dinner. Previous week was some promo for the upcoming F1 race at Sepang





RBS is the official sponsors of AT&T Williams Team. Marcus enjoyed the F1 cars, by the look of the kids faces.. looks like the gal also likes cars.




days to Japan trip.. about 25 days!! or only 4 weekends left!!!... This Weekend started some basic packing for the Japan trip.. Marcus was asking mrs luggage for him and Rachel? Well mrs is so concern of the kids getting cold , that she is packing heaps of clothes for them, i will reduce later.. lol.. the weather will not be that cold by that time , i expect it to be about 14 - 19 C.. aircon condition. Lets see..

Now i hope we will be able to experience the bloom of Sakura, as predictions shows that the 3rd or 4th week of Mar is more expected to bloom.

Japan Trip Update
- Confirm seating on outbound / inbound Flight
- JPY yen all changed!!...
- Paid Travel Insurance for the family - $172 (25days)
- Kids Milk powder also bought liao!!...



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