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日曜日, 3月 09, 0020

Science Center..

got my company's pass to Singapore Science Center.. each pass allows 5 person to enter... i managed to get 2 passes.. so sis-in-law suggested to go today as her hubby will be home today as he was working on sat.

Kids got up at 8am... and see Rachel hair always does the stading thingy in the morning... "lion head" both mny mom and mother-in-law calls it..



Had breakfast at Kopitiam at Plaza, Rachel loves the toasted Kaya Bread.. so did Marcus..





after BF , we went off to science , the kids especially Marcus and his cousin were out of control!!! I had to keep shouting at them, to stop running and mrs had a go at the Segway Machine, cool to use but it cost 12K!!!!














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