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日曜日, 3月 09, 0020


sat... planned today to go to town to do some shopping and hopefully to change some Yen , but price of yen was too high to change.. 1.365 in the end , had lunch at town , shopped at Taka till 2pm. There was some children's Toy Fair at the talking Hall.. and it was not as crowded as expected.. guess all the crowd must have been at SUNTEC ITSHOW. I was comtemplating whether to get a USB HUB for my desktop the other day when i was there at the show, but guess i will wait till am back from Japan then decide.. cause if I am able to get the removal Harddisk stand from akihabara ( CROSU2H ) then i will not the get a USB hub.









Surf the web.. and found some online prices... looks like amazon jp is the 4400 JPY
SOFMAP and Yodobashi selling at 4980 JPY.
Tsukumo selling at 4980 also.. so looks like its 4980JPY around $70..if i get from those shops above....

Was also trying to remember what was the train i took the other time from Narita to Ueno which cost only 1000 JPY and found it on the web.. we have to get off at Machiya Station (町屋駅) then change to Tokyo Metro Line

Keisei Limited Express
Keisei runs another train from Narita Airport. Like the JR Rapid, the Keisei Limited Express train is an unreserved seating train without forward facing seats. The seats are like your regular commuter or subway type train. The train makes more stops then the Skyliner so it is about 20 minutes slower then the Skyliner.

What makes the Keisei Limited Express a good option, especially for budget travelers, is its price of only 1000 yen to/from the Airport. The Keisei Limited Express is the cheapest option available to / from Narita Airport Airport.
Again in Tokyo it stops at Nippori and Ueno Stations, where a transfer can be made to other railway lines and JR lines.



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