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木曜日, 3月 13, 0020

OG Orchard Private Sale

was held last night at OG Orchard... the whole place was packed with ppl.. all aunties were there... and i was also there.. to see if the pram or luggage was a good buy??? In the end, the pram in the catalouge and the actual item that was selling was totally different... color also not the same... in the end only bought some matchboxes... the new line of Best of British was avaliable, gotten these few...a Tomica Town Set.. some MegaBlock for the Rascal...



Shell station has a promo going on , its to pump $50 worth of petrol and get to buy a Toy Ferrari at $5.95... gotten my colleagues and relatives to help me complete the whole collection -> 7 cars total. What so unique about them is that , each is preprogram with the engine sound of the particular model... see link here... Ferrari 575 is still with my uncle

Ferrari 250GTO

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F360

Ferrari 599GTB

Ferrari F40

Ferrari FXX



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