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日曜日, 3月 16, 0020

OG Orchard again...

yesterday left home early in the morning about 9 am.. couple of things to do ... get my UOB Card replaced... , get medicine for the trip to Japan for Rachel.

After getting the card replaced at the branch downstairs , we made our way to the interchange to get the bus to town. Plan was take 700 , get off at Newton MRT stop , then mrs and kids make their way to town, while i made my way to the doc's to get the medicine.

The crowd at the pade was crazy .. number that was issued was 45 when i was there about 10am, but luckily mrs called beforehand , and they had the medicine all prepared. paid for it and left to join my mrs at town. Joined up with the kids and mrs at Taka, bought some kids stuff like socks , nipple for bottle.

after Taka , had lunch and then off to OG to check the sale. Told mrs need to get at least a 30" luggage for the japan trip on top of the one my bro lending to us, then it would be enough. In the end managed to get a luggage at a steal. A Swiss Polo 30" Luggague at $75. by the time we got home , it was 3pm






This is the luggage we bought.. the checked design one... will be getting another since the price was cheap and the luggage was expandable...


In the evening , brought the kids for a swim at my sis-in-laws place...Rachel / Marcus enjoyed their time















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