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土曜日, 3月 08, 0020

ITShow 2008 @ Suntec

really .. the whole place was so crowded... Singaporeans have a really boring place... once there is a major event, for example this show , seems from every nook and cranny of residents were at SUNTEC just now...

I reach there around 730 pm , took my own sweet time walking from City Hall to SUNTEC, did not use the underpass as the bridge towards SUNTEC is always packed!!.. took the other route , thru the memorial park.

2 main floors , 4th / 6th.. i only checked out the items on the 6th floor.. in the end , i bought a 2GB Kingston SD@$14 / 2 x 2GB SODIMM DDR2 rams $120 for my lappy / a cheapo USB case for my 40GB 2.5" drive.. and left the place after that as mrs called saying Marcus fell in the day at school and has a big bump on his forehead.

Poor Boy, massage him and he cried.



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