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金曜日, 3月 21, 0020

Central @ Clark Quay

Mrs wanted to check out Central@Clark Quay , the new shopping complex beside Singapore River.... girl got up at 8 am... potty time...


After her potty time , we wash her and the boy up and proceeded out..reached there about 1030 am , and mrs say "lets have a early lunch" i was like err early leh.... took some pics outside the fountain and proceeded in. Boy today was a sunny day.. scorching sun.. and hot humid air....anyway , our first objective at Central was to look for a place to eat. Saw a security guard hanging outside and asked him where to eat here.. he told us 4th floor there is a Kopitiam Food Court , we said ok.. little knowing that Central was actually a haven for Japanese cusine!!!.. Ramen , udon , tepanyaki etc




the view from the 4th floor table we sat at was perfect.. had a clear view of the Singapore River, Marcus kept on asking to sit the river taxis..







The plastic food looks so yummy... typical of japanese restaurant.... Marcus was also amazed at how real the food looked...





After central , we had some time left, told mrs .. lets go to Taka , i need to get my new tomicas... Also today Rachel totally did not want to sit in the PRAM... she wanted to walk on her own!!!




we left town about 2 pm... by the time reached home..nealry 245 pm , and the girl fell asleep in the pram... carried her straight to her bed ..



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