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日曜日, 3月 30, 0020

yeah yeah yeah

salary went in early.. at least i could settle all bills before i left... had a great gift this quater.. at least.

We comtemplated buying a new pram to Japan.. but again once i tot thru , i told mrs.. need not... Rachel is growing up fast.. and looks like nowadays.. on certain short trip out , no prams are needed. She just refuses to sit in the pram unless she is very tired...weekend did not go any places as the kids are still on medication, we want them to be fully recovered.

Evening only dropped by my inlaws place. and Yanren was there too. Marcus seems to enjoy a brother, but Rachel is very close to him. and it seems Rachel has taken a liking to toy cars too!!! Not Surprise.

Japan Trip Update
- Changed another 110K JPY@ 1.396.. rates are horrid.. but what to do.. need it for spending.. damm i still could not find my Tomica Card which shuumi gotten for me..:( looks like i have to get another one. Tomica Tokyo has reopened its Tokyo Station Store and now it has a clearer map on its location.


土曜日, 3月 29, 0020

5 More working days....

sakura... dun fall off... i sse pics from the JNTO webby are amazing.. the flowers are in full bloom... hope the flowers wait for us...

金曜日, 3月 28, 0020

Cherry Blossom...

from the web , seems that full bloom in Tokyo will be March 27 to April 5 .. hopefully when i land in Tokyo that day , the next day , we will check out Shinjuku Gyoen (5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station) Bet the whole place will be crowded!!!

Shinjuku Gyoen is a large park featuring more than one thousand cherry trees of over a dozen varieties in Western and Japanese style gardens. There is an entrance fee of 200 Yen, and the park is only open between 9:00 and 16:30.

Many popular hanami spots here.


Both the kids are recovering now.. lucky brought them to the doc early... and seems ever since they were on Vitamins , it seems to help in the speedier recovery.

水曜日, 3月 26, 0020


Rachel , Marcus... and me am sick..... hiaz.. all on the same anitbotics...


日曜日, 3月 23, 0020

a find!!!

a very shocking find at my home's LRT station "mama" store... did not expect to see it at all.. well i was on the way home from lunch with family.. and i gotten off the stop at my place's LRT.. on exiting the station , the typical mama store on the right was open... something caught my eye....the word hotwheels... and right was i ... there was a board selling hotwheels in the store... and they had like 12 cars only... and at the usual price 3.90..

Yes .. a T-Hunt !!! a 2004 T-Hunt..boy did i least expected a T-Hunt to appear in a mama store at my doorstep!!!! i grabbed it asap


Japan update
yeah... 1 more weekend to go... bags 90% packed.... 2 x 30" luggage..
looks like sakura has bloom in Tokyo...
some pics taken for the 2008 Sakura bloom
link 1
link 2

mrs say lets go kyoto to see the geisha... ok.. i have to plan lor
Gion is Kyoto's most famous geisha district. To experience the traditional Gion, stroll along Hanami-koji, a street lined by beautiful old buildings, teahouses and restaurants. In the evenings, you may be able to spot a geisha apprentice.

Gion can be reached by bus from Kyoto Station in about 20 minutes. Take number 100 and 206 and get off at Gion bus stop. The closest train stations are Shijo Station on the Keihan Line and Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Line.


金曜日, 3月 21, 0020

Central @ Clark Quay

Mrs wanted to check out Central@Clark Quay , the new shopping complex beside Singapore River.... girl got up at 8 am... potty time...


After her potty time , we wash her and the boy up and proceeded out..reached there about 1030 am , and mrs say "lets have a early lunch" i was like err early leh.... took some pics outside the fountain and proceeded in. Boy today was a sunny day.. scorching sun.. and hot humid air....anyway , our first objective at Central was to look for a place to eat. Saw a security guard hanging outside and asked him where to eat here.. he told us 4th floor there is a Kopitiam Food Court , we said ok.. little knowing that Central was actually a haven for Japanese cusine!!!.. Ramen , udon , tepanyaki etc




the view from the 4th floor table we sat at was perfect.. had a clear view of the Singapore River, Marcus kept on asking to sit the river taxis..







The plastic food looks so yummy... typical of japanese restaurant.... Marcus was also amazed at how real the food looked...





After central , we had some time left, told mrs .. lets go to Taka , i need to get my new tomicas... Also today Rachel totally did not want to sit in the PRAM... she wanted to walk on her own!!!




we left town about 2 pm... by the time reached home..nealry 245 pm , and the girl fell asleep in the pram... carried her straight to her bed ..

Tokyo Cherry Blossom to full bloom next weekend!!!

Sakura 2008 hehehehe... the JNTo webby has a update for the blooming of Cherry Blossom..

It says full bloom expected next weekend.... yeah... so when we arrive in Tokyo on 5 Apr .. all will be bloomming...

it even has a weekly flower bud pic to show progress of bloom... a pic on 20th Mar National Theater, Central Tokyo...


Ixus iZoom

got back my cam just now..Whole Optical Unit replaced... boo hooo

heng heng i bought extended warranty.. Damm JPY ran is now 1.42 at the money changer



水曜日, 3月 19, 0020

Ixus iZoom

again.. the damm cam has a black spot in the pic.. did not notice it till last weekend.. and discovered that the black spot was getting worst!!.. sent in the cam on Monday evening, the service guy called me asking me on warranty validity , i told them i bought extended warranty, and he said he could not find any records on his system. I said cannot be as the lady who served me told me the warranty of the cam is still 8 April 2009... so coincidence. In the end he said , the whole optical unit will be replace...

Hiaz.. looks like in future all canon Cam that i get , i need to get Extended warranty....


日曜日, 3月 16, 0020

Pasar Malam at our place...

This week the pasar Malam was at our estate , Marcus and Rachel luv those kiddy rides so much. Me and mrs say they will definitely luv the rides at Disney Tokyo or Disney Sea.






OG Orchard again...

yesterday left home early in the morning about 9 am.. couple of things to do ... get my UOB Card replaced... , get medicine for the trip to Japan for Rachel.

After getting the card replaced at the branch downstairs , we made our way to the interchange to get the bus to town. Plan was take 700 , get off at Newton MRT stop , then mrs and kids make their way to town, while i made my way to the doc's to get the medicine.

The crowd at the pade was crazy .. number that was issued was 45 when i was there about 10am, but luckily mrs called beforehand , and they had the medicine all prepared. paid for it and left to join my mrs at town. Joined up with the kids and mrs at Taka, bought some kids stuff like socks , nipple for bottle.

after Taka , had lunch and then off to OG to check the sale. Told mrs need to get at least a 30" luggage for the japan trip on top of the one my bro lending to us, then it would be enough. In the end managed to get a luggage at a steal. A Swiss Polo 30" Luggague at $75. by the time we got home , it was 3pm






This is the luggage we bought.. the checked design one... will be getting another since the price was cheap and the luggage was expandable...


In the evening , brought the kids for a swim at my sis-in-laws place...Rachel / Marcus enjoyed their time













木曜日, 3月 13, 0020

OG Orchard Private Sale

was held last night at OG Orchard... the whole place was packed with ppl.. all aunties were there... and i was also there.. to see if the pram or luggage was a good buy??? In the end, the pram in the catalouge and the actual item that was selling was totally different... color also not the same... in the end only bought some matchboxes... the new line of Best of British was avaliable, gotten these few...a Tomica Town Set.. some MegaBlock for the Rascal...



Shell station has a promo going on , its to pump $50 worth of petrol and get to buy a Toy Ferrari at $5.95... gotten my colleagues and relatives to help me complete the whole collection -> 7 cars total. What so unique about them is that , each is preprogram with the engine sound of the particular model... see link here... Ferrari 575 is still with my uncle

Ferrari 250GTO

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F360

Ferrari 599GTB

Ferrari F40

Ferrari FXX