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土曜日, 2月 23, 0020

Whole week had the car...

Took parents car home.. so had to buy night coupon to park at the multi Storey Carpark.. plus petrol.. $70.. not taking into consideration of the places where we went to shop and have the car parked!!

Monday , sent Marcus to class and he was so happy as I sent him to school in my parents car.. and when mrs when to picked him up at noon , he said "PaPa , drive ah ma's car send Marcus to school"


Evening had dinner at the plaza.. did not go out..below taken with the KU990




Wed made a trip down to IMM for dinner.. as that was the only place near with place to shop...and 1st 3hr parking free..shopped around Daiso.. bought some items for upcoming Japan Trip.. mrs say need to get gloves..




Friday night left office early again to have dinner at Marina Square , drizzle slightly and expressway heavy traffic, also shop at John Little, pass by a money changer , saw the JPY rate was at 1.315.. change 200K JPY.. so total to date i have changed 400K JPY.. Took a pic of the Singapore Flyer from a distance... distinctive bluish round circle








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