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土曜日, 2月 02, 0020

UOB promo for junior savers account .. and Fixed Deposit..

sat.. and its my turn for duty today.. hiaz... anyway drop by office for an hour or so.. cleared my weekly report.. archieve my mails... did some checks of stuffs my guys doing..

after the meeting , i met up with a seller for a PSU to replace my mom's set of computer.. it seems the whole problem could be the PSU .. her PC has been acting strangely.. on and off got issue.. while my PCs using straight for 4-5 yrs no issue leh....$50...

then dropped by Cuppage Center Starhub to check out what bargains they have for mobile phones.. going to replace my samsung mobile soon... looking at the Nokia N95 or the new N82...

afterwhich came home.. did some banking at UOB bank in the afternoon.. ( bukit panjang branch opens till 4pm on sat ) as there was a promo for Juniors savers account and Fixed Deposit... hehehehe... at least the coin set they had it on hand.. but not the abalone / fish maw set... the latter will be mailed by post for a collection date at a later time






hiaz.. jap yen exchange rate 1.34



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