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日曜日, 2月 24, 0020


had a stupid reservist on sat.. 3hrs.. waste of bloody time.. having a MR ceremony at a too be demolished campsite.. the Old Tg Gul Camp at Tuas..really cheapskate SAF...knn...

evening went down to town, dinner had it at the foodcourt at S11 Foodcourt near Center Point Pizza Hut... then we shopped at OG / Taka ... managed to get some new Tomicas fresh from Japan from OG, total spent $110.. also bought Marcus a Red Dodge Viper.. he luved it so much..

Damm.. i am so used to my IXUS iZoom that i did not even use the S500 to try warming it up.... must start using the S500 this weekend... problem is my CF card reader has a issue... hiaz...













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