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土曜日, 2月 16, 0020

Lou Hei

Lou Hei or what you called it? Tossing raw fish with various stuffs.. hahaha ..My boss, me and another Manager treated the team to a Chinese New Year Dinner. Had the Dinner at Master Crab Ghim Moh's Branch. Everybody commented the food was good, especially the Chilli Crab. After Dinner , got one of my colleagues to drop me off at my parent's place to pick up the car. Yes, they are out of the country again and my pilot brother is also not in.

Saturday , we had a early day again , left for Town picking up my sis-in-law and son while on the way to town. Decided to go to Taka@Ngee Ann City For Lunch. Had lunch at Replublic Food , did not prewarn my sis-in-law, cannot buy the timsum over there.. imagine 3 siew mai for $4... pianz.. chop big carrot. Marcus like the Chicken Rice store which is located at the corner near the Sports Shop. The Rice is fragrant and tasty which i agree with Marcus.


After Lunch , sis-in-law wanted to buy a cocktail dress for her upcoming DnD. On the way to Taka , outside Ngee Ann City , there was a promo for the F1 Race in Sepang, Marcus was so excited when he saw the F1 cars and the bluish Porsche.










Headed on to Taka after this, shopped at Taka and finally she found one.. Price $119.90.. ex wor. Well sad thing is that after buying the dress , she lost her mobile phone in the loo. It was so ironical , as few minutes before that , she was talking to mrs about how the color of the dress she bought and phone is so alike. hiaz..Lucky she just paid $18 for it.. a Nokia 6550. Well in the end , could not find her phone, suspected the place she lost the phone , the cleaner took it, but we had no proof of her taking it, just circumstances.

Got Home , cleaned the kids up ,and mrs say lets go IMM , i say ok lor.. so off we went... hahahaha, shopped at Daiso , and the kids wanted to sit in the Daiso trolley , managed to get them both in there. Also changed some JPY , exchange rate 1.34 Will change another 200K later on in the month.






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