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土曜日, 2月 09, 0020

Post Lunar New Yr Sale...

as usual , after the first 2 days of CNY , the 3rd day will be sale sale sale.... Everyplace having 20% off , so decided to buy the jackets for the kids from OG Orchard in the evening. Me and mrs have been eyeing it for a long time .. in the end .. bought 2 for the kids..






Also i received a $100 upgrad starhub voucher 2 weeks back.. and i have been comtemplating which phone to get... decided again to go for LG... the KU990 model , a 5MP cam Phone with touch screen.. in the end i paid $38 for it...

only 1 is real.. the other is a dummy phone from my uncles place.. marcus took it home...



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