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火曜日, 2月 26, 0020

Change total 5.2K SGD

ok.. rates at 1.34 .. and 1.31 respectively... total 400K JPY...heard it might drop further.. today rate was 1.305 .. had to bring more hard cash as the hotel i booked only accept cash.. no credit cards...


日曜日, 2月 24, 0020

Cousin's House warming

dropped by my cousin's place.. somewhere at Changi... damm far.. but lucky got parent's car with me... anyway.. Marcus had some fun with their Wii and also my first time trying a Wii.. got use to the control after a while...

me and bro were challenging each other in the quick find






Also after the house warming , we dropped by Singapore Expo to check out the Metro Expo Sale... bought a couple of long john for Rachel.. $3 each... good buy!!!



had a stupid reservist on sat.. 3hrs.. waste of bloody time.. having a MR ceremony at a too be demolished campsite.. the Old Tg Gul Camp at Tuas..really cheapskate SAF...knn...

evening went down to town, dinner had it at the foodcourt at S11 Foodcourt near Center Point Pizza Hut... then we shopped at OG / Taka ... managed to get some new Tomicas fresh from Japan from OG, total spent $110.. also bought Marcus a Red Dodge Viper.. he luved it so much..

Damm.. i am so used to my IXUS iZoom that i did not even use the S500 to try warming it up.... must start using the S500 this weekend... problem is my CF card reader has a issue... hiaz...











土曜日, 2月 23, 0020

Milk Powder Price increase again!!

Both Kids drinking GainIQ.. last yr May 07 , 1.8kg tin was approx $45 , Nov'07 Price increase to $48 plus... now after Chinese New Yr New Price $51.80.... KNN.. damm Abott Labs... still got the cheek to tell me price increase is across the board as whole world price revision... stupid excuse....

I told mrs.. should have let the kids started on Mamil Gold.. occasionally still got price offer...

Whole week had the car...

Took parents car home.. so had to buy night coupon to park at the multi Storey Carpark.. plus petrol.. $70.. not taking into consideration of the places where we went to shop and have the car parked!!

Monday , sent Marcus to class and he was so happy as I sent him to school in my parents car.. and when mrs when to picked him up at noon , he said "PaPa , drive ah ma's car send Marcus to school"


Evening had dinner at the plaza.. did not go out..below taken with the KU990




Wed made a trip down to IMM for dinner.. as that was the only place near with place to shop...and 1st 3hr parking free..shopped around Daiso.. bought some items for upcoming Japan Trip.. mrs say need to get gloves..




Friday night left office early again to have dinner at Marina Square , drizzle slightly and expressway heavy traffic, also shop at John Little, pass by a money changer , saw the JPY rate was at 1.315.. change 200K JPY.. so total to date i have changed 400K JPY.. Took a pic of the Singapore Flyer from a distance... distinctive bluish round circle






木曜日, 2月 21, 0020

Toyota Kaikan Plant Tour at Nagoya

decided to plant the above tour as one of the itinerary for Osaka. Its a free tour.. just a bit troublesome to get to it...

here's the link from the Toyota Japan Site

Need to transfer from Take Higashiyama Subway Line from Nagoya Station to Fushimi Station, and change to Tsurumai Line or Meitetsu Toyota Line.

日曜日, 2月 17, 0020

Sunday.. Vivo..

since has my parent's car with us , we decided to go to Vivo, cause with a car its more convinient to go there.. taking a bus from our home will be a killer..

Left home quite early 11 am , but still upon arrival , had our lunch first , before we started venturing the shopping area... shopped at Diaso Vivo , then checked out TRu .. nothing much to the end , mrs bought some clothes from the shops at Vivo...








hahaha... this pic made me and mrs laugh.. Rachel was trying to foucs on the light bulb....


土曜日, 2月 16, 0020

Lou Hei

Lou Hei or what you called it? Tossing raw fish with various stuffs.. hahaha ..My boss, me and another Manager treated the team to a Chinese New Year Dinner. Had the Dinner at Master Crab Ghim Moh's Branch. Everybody commented the food was good, especially the Chilli Crab. After Dinner , got one of my colleagues to drop me off at my parent's place to pick up the car. Yes, they are out of the country again and my pilot brother is also not in.

Saturday , we had a early day again , left for Town picking up my sis-in-law and son while on the way to town. Decided to go to Taka@Ngee Ann City For Lunch. Had lunch at Replublic Food , did not prewarn my sis-in-law, cannot buy the timsum over there.. imagine 3 siew mai for $4... pianz.. chop big carrot. Marcus like the Chicken Rice store which is located at the corner near the Sports Shop. The Rice is fragrant and tasty which i agree with Marcus.


After Lunch , sis-in-law wanted to buy a cocktail dress for her upcoming DnD. On the way to Taka , outside Ngee Ann City , there was a promo for the F1 Race in Sepang, Marcus was so excited when he saw the F1 cars and the bluish Porsche.










Headed on to Taka after this, shopped at Taka and finally she found one.. Price $119.90.. ex wor. Well sad thing is that after buying the dress , she lost her mobile phone in the loo. It was so ironical , as few minutes before that , she was talking to mrs about how the color of the dress she bought and phone is so alike. hiaz..Lucky she just paid $18 for it.. a Nokia 6550. Well in the end , could not find her phone, suspected the place she lost the phone , the cleaner took it, but we had no proof of her taking it, just circumstances.

Got Home , cleaned the kids up ,and mrs say lets go IMM , i say ok lor.. so off we went... hahahaha, shopped at Daiso , and the kids wanted to sit in the Daiso trolley , managed to get them both in there. Also changed some JPY , exchange rate 1.34 Will change another 200K later on in the month.