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日曜日, 1月 06, 0020


hiaz... weekend liao... and its over... anyway i am counting down to 5th April... last week ask a money changer for the exchange rate for yen.. quoted 1290 for 100K JPY... ok not too bad...

Rachel has gotten used to the bed.. now we are debating how much Milk powder to bring to Japan... we have been monitoring the consumption of the milk powder and its roughly 1.8Kg per 10 days... looks like i might have to bring nearly 5 Kilos of Milk powder along... hiaz... ..

itenary is nearly ready... i think this round at Osaka.. we will try to spend more time in the city itself.. will be giving Universal Studio a miss as the kids are still small.. but will be checking out this place : Kiyomizudera...

i really hope that we will be in time for the Cherry Blossom.. hoping to see the full bloom at Shinjuku Garden



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