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日曜日, 1月 27, 0020


went down to ICA to collect mrs and the 2 kids passport... ( cost me $210 to apply online ).. spent nearly 1.5 hrs just to wait and collect the passport.. I find it very silly and time wasting just to collect the passport.. the last round i collected mine on a weekday.. also waited nearly 1 hr for it... hiaz..

after this , it was neary 1230 pm and the kids were hungry and started to be grouchy... yeeks... quickly brought them to lunch and off we went to bugis.. by then , both Rachel and Marcus were tired.. ( aiyoo like that how.. Japan trip all sleep ?? ) ...had lunch at one of the coffee shop nearby .. where Hill Street TaiHwa Noddle Store was.. ( seens to be famous wor.. i queued neary 15 mins for a bowl of Minced Pork Noddle...

All these ppl in front of me.. 3 of them packed away nearly 15 packs of noddles.. dammm...but ppl still i assumed it must be good..


Verdict : so so niah.. maybe i dunno how to enjoy good food...

shopped a bit at BHG , got myself a long sleeve shirt which mrs wanted me to buy... cause i told her no need to buy , have so many shirts...just grab one of them to wear during Lunar New Year will do.. but she insisted..


Bought 1 lego set for Marcus.. Recycle Truck.. cheap wor ( 19.90 ) usual was 31.90... dunno why offer?? of all the lego sets he has.. he loved the Recycle Truck the most






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