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土曜日, 1月 12, 0020

Sat at ChinaTown

Whole of this week at work.. got home daily about 8pm... i am so tired.. but at least my boss told me i am put up for promotion this round.. yeah.. hopefully my Base Salary hit what i wanted... Also this month got for Marcus another Endowement fund.. Pay 5 yrs($250 per month).. keep for 10 yrs.. mature when he is 20 a sum of about $20K... its just a form of savings for the rascal..

Mrs wanted to drop by Chinatown to get that boy some New Yr clothing... Lunar New Yr is just about 3 weeks away... waa.. this yr so was so sunny today as we headed to chinatown after lunch... Marcus kept on complaining sweat sweat... hahaha the boy cant tahan hot weather.. at least i think he will get to enjoy himself in Japan.. i am more worried about the girl...anyway we have started both the kids on VitC and it seems to help.. been taking for 2 months.. and so far so good... but Marcus nose is still sensitive to dust...

Whole of Chinatown was crowded... but it was still "walkable" with a Pram... hehehe...













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