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土曜日, 4月 05, 0020

Will start Planning now...

Note : This post will always remain at the top till i go to JApan in April 08.... scroll for daily post...

have to start planning... deciding to spend about 3 weeks in Japan total.. 2 weeks in Tokyo , 1 week at Osaka....hhahahaha... wife say it will be cold... lets see how....

anyway just checked out JR Rail Site.. kids below 6 are free??...

Now i have to headache Osaka Accomodation.. mrs say we should pay a visit back to Tagata Jinja Shrine North of Nagoya...

Discovered that Google Earth is a good way to gauge distances from whatevere train stations you are going to...For example i was looking at the WMT ( Weekly Mansion Tokyo ) website for some accomodation at Higashi Jujo..With their acess map, and some key landmarks... can guess where it is..


Japan Public Holiday in August
July/August 7 Star Festival (tanabata):
Tanabata is a festival rather than a national holiday. Please visit our Tanabata page for more information.

Places of Attraction
- Thomas Land near Mt Fuji
Take a limited express on JR Chuo Line for 1 hour and 50 minutes from Shinjuku Station (in Tokyo) to Otsuki Station. Then take Fujikyu Line for 1 hour and 50 minutes to Kawaguchi-ko Station... Thomas Train .. This train must take.. Marcus will sure to love it!!!!
-Tokyo Odaiba .. need to spend a day there at least.. the previous time me and mrs was there.. we arrived about 3 pm.. and by the time we oriented ourselves.. was late...
- Tokyo Cruise -- Think i will join one of these cruises to Odaiba.. Link
- >Tokyo metro Page - Good guide for those using the Tokyo Metro Line
- THE TOKYO METROPOLITAN CHILDREN'S HALL ... saw from some pages.. this is a mega place for kids.. lol.. will check it out.. Link
- Tomica Shop.. decided to go to all 3 shops , Tokyo , Nagoya and Osaka... haahahaha....i really respect the japanese websites also... imagine , for the Shop at Osaka, there is a map to indicate all the shops in the area.. link of shop location , i can roughly rigure out where the shop is as i see JR Namba station nearby....anyway here is the link for the OSAKA Undergound shopping
- Shonan Monorail Kamakura .. i think Marcus will enjoy this train ride... Goddess of mercy is at here (Ofuna Kan'non)

- Shinjukugyoen and cherry blossoms... got this recommendation from a fellow blogger staying in Tokyo Link

- Tagata Jinja Shrine Nagoya - North of Nagoya .. also known as fertility Shrine.. hehehe..
Getting There By Train: Take a Meitetsu train from Nagoya to Inuyama, then change to the Meitetsu Komaki line. Tagata-jinja-mae is the third stop from Inuyama, and the station is a 10-minute walk from the shrine. The journey costs about ¥710, depending on which train you take, and takes one hour.

Komaki is both easy and cheap to get to from Nagoya. From Shin Nagoya station (beside JR Nagoya station) take the Meitestu Inuyama line to Inuyama station (30 minutes). At Inuyama station, change to the Komaki line (platform 3) and catch any train south. Tagata Jingu Mae is the third station. Come out of the station and walk south (left) down the main road. On March 15th, however, it will just be a matter of following the crowd

- Highland Resort - near Thomas Land ... need some translation for this page...Shummi.. help...Thomas Plan translated a bit using web translator... looks like this Thomas Plan from the Hotel is just for a normal room .. but the price is ok...
- SUper Hotels - Found a Jr Ueno-Iriyaguchi hotel near JR station.. but damm saw that there is no reservation for April yet on their webby.. looks like have to wait till Jan.. They also have a Hotel at Osaka.. Price looks ok.. and Room has a bunker bed for Marcus to sleep on top.. as right now at home he is also sleeps ocassionally on the upper deck..
- Good link for all stations with pic to show how the stations look like
- another good webby for Hotels.. but in jap .. Link
- Another Link for a list of Hotels in japan which are faired priced.. Link
- Ueno Hotels Page Link here

- Hotel Sardonyx-Ueno Link most probably stay this one... Review from fellow customers
- 官網
- Sabrina 東京上野sardonyx飯店...不錯喔!
- 訂房教學-東京上野sardonyx飯店
- Cherry的詳細住宿經驗
- kakasun 上野sardonxy hotel--旅館篇
- 上野sardonxy hotel--附近環境篇

- Weekly center Japan - Nippori... most probably staying here now.. emailed them, replied today from the front planning as follows in Tokyo

"twin-B room" (1K)period : 4/5-4/13
checkout 4/14 AM10:00 (9nights/10days)
stay fee \6,000×9nights = \54,000
utility \700×9nights = \6,300
total \6,700×9nights = \60,300
"twin-B room" (1K)period : 4/21-4/27
checkout 4/28 AM10:00 (7nights/8days)
stay fee \6,000×7nights = \42,000
utility \700×7nights = \4,900
total \6,700×7nights = \46,900
- Found some Weekly Apartment stay at Osaka.. emailed 2 of them.. now waiting for reply....else OSAKA i dunno where to stay

Others Japan Travel Pages for Reference
- comics212 - Japan
- DannyChoo Blog Page -> interesting blogger.. lived in jap for 7 yrs.. think he is a ABC ... not very sure.. but interesting blog.. recommend to read for all crazy Oatakus... but also there are information about japan there...
- “Landing Examination Procedures for Japan are Changing!” .. link
- Travel with your kids -- good link for Tokyo Japan , Link

NWA offer... ok... firm it up... wife was 80% bought over... so i booked online.. but sad.. wanted to return on Sat 26 April... but flights all full( previous night when i checked , was still avaliable...).. anyway.. means more time in Japan.. hahah.. returning to singapore on 28 April.. arriving 29 April wee hours... kids will be dead tired...


SO i much $$ needed to spend in total.. Estimated
- Ticket : $2149 Paid!!! 6 Dec.. :(
- Make New Passport : $210 Collected 26 Jan.. :(
- Accomodation : $1600 ( 23 days ) --> Both Tokyo and Osaka had got a confirmation.. will be depositing some amt to reserve the accomodation at Tokyo Nippori.. Osaka , will be staying here 1000nichi Hotel near Dotobori
- Bullet Ticket : $766 Paid!!! 10 Feb.. :(
- JPY Changed 400K : $5200 might need to change another 100K:(
- Total before i even leave Singapore.. $5400
- Travel Insurance bought for family - $172 .. 2 Mar
- Luggague bought 2 x 30inch luggague - $150 .. 30 Mar
- Changed another 110K JPY - $1535.60 .. 21 Mar
Spending $$ : changed nearly 400K JPY... might need another 100K more

Enough Boh???.....

Update : 31 Mar 2008



Blogger Shuumi said...

no problem, let me know when u wanna know the details...

i've been to fuji-q highland before...

水曜日, 12月 05, 0019 12:04:00 午前  
Blogger Mockingbird said...

Good for you pal :D You get to be Big in Japan :D Absolutely awesome and cool! :D

月曜日, 3月 24, 0020 2:42:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

7 more days!!!!

金曜日, 3月 28, 0020 9:18:00 午前  
Blogger Shuumi said...

wah liao...make me gian only...

日曜日, 3月 30, 0020 7:46:00 午後  
Anonymous 匿名 said...

Hi my name is Smarty aka Smartysnake. Below is my picture. Am I yandao?

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