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金曜日, 12月 21, 0019


Public Holiday.. some malay holiday... did not bother wat holiday it was just that i did not need to work... last night after the DnD .. got up this morning with a heavy head... at least i was ok... lol...

had Breakfast with the kids at Mac...




Later in the morning , we went down to Orchard to check out the sales.. weather was a bit wet.. but still manageable with a umbrella... rain was just small pockets of drizzle on and off...

in Town , Singtel was giving rolls of wrapping paper.. but the color was blue.. but what the heck.. Free Stuff .. grab... we took 2 rolls of it.. and found a good way to store the wrapping paper from the rain, we used those umbrella plastic given at shopping centers for wet umbrella as a sleeve for the paper... hahaha

You can see Marcus holding on it in the 3rd pic below....






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