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金曜日, 12月 28, 0019

thursday , friday on leave

Onleave these couple of days.. cause of Toilet Renovate... my neighbour downstairs filed a complain with HDB saying his toilet leak... ok lor.. leak leak.. after staying here for nearly 7 yrs.. dun leak then strange... lol...anyway HDB is footing half of the total.. while the other half is shared with my neighbour... approx $250....

only thing me and mrs worried of was the dust from the hacking... but lucky me.. someone threw away curtains.. and i used them as shield... hahahaha... but still the place was still dusty...






Also.. today i discovered my 500GB Seagate USB drive died.. dun know what happen.. and somemore this drive is a drive which i seldom use....i just turn it on to transger files.. then switched it off once its dun... apparently , the controller board is dead..

had to go to SLT (Sim Lim Tower) to get the screw driver set.. to get a T8 head.. looked around and saw that most prices range from $8 for a single tool.. to $20 plus for a set of Torx head screwdriver... then i saw it..!!.. a set which cost $10 only!!! damm $10..i was like am i dreaming.. and sure enough..i was not... bought it.. and got home... the set of screwdriver is very worth it.....

when i swapped in another controller board from another HDD after buying the TORX screwdriver set to unscrew those tampple free screws.... it worked.. and now i am busy copying out all my files to my other 500GB drive.. dammm.....






tomorrow have to submit drive for RMA...



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