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日曜日, 12月 02, 0019

Sunday.. Expo.. Airport

decided actually to drop by the PC show .. also at the same time check out JL expo sale there... reached Expo about 11 am.. and decided to go for lunch.. as the kids did not take a full breakfast...was amaze at some ppl at the foodcourt.. they can just sit there and talk talk.. not bothering that there are ppl waiting for seats... i tell you we singaporeans are the worst!!!.... i am so ashamed... for me.. , i would gladly move my arse off and let ppl who are waiting to have their meals a seat..oh well.. heres singapore... but I will not do what the Romans do...

Shopped around Hall4 , John Little Sale.. giving the PC show a miss.. by the time we paid and left , was nearly 1 pm..i told mrs.. lets go to the Airport.. hehehe.. since Marcus has not been to a Airport at all.. he was so quacky and excited about it.. kept on saying "Take Aeroplane go Japan see Mickey Mouse".. the boy though that taking a plane is as easy as taking a taxi or bus... hehehehe.. he is still last he saw a plane .. A A380 to be exact.. and we told him.. next yr.. August we go Japan to celebrate you and meimei's BD... hehehe.. have to make sure the girl do not pay child fare...

The viewing Gallery at Terminal 2 is so pathetic.. i remembered 10 yrs back when we were dating , the T2 viewing gallery was a long stretch of walkway.... we could walk for 10 mins from one end to the other... hiaz....

anyway i must remember to check weekly webby to ensure i get the best promo rates... like for instance.. there was a early bird special for $399 to Tokyo that ended yesterday

















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