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日曜日, 12月 23, 0019


Sat brought my Fax Machine to the service center at GateWay Est... but found out that it was already no longer supported in terms of repair...but the service man was good to say that parts was out of stocks in Oct... damm.. so my fault lar to bring in now.... KNN.. then i told him.. i got extra cartridge leh.. how??.. he say try to sell on yahoo lor... lol...

anyway after that dropped by Bugis Junction for Lunch and some slight shopping... nothing much to buy.. went home at about 2 pm.. for the kids to nap..

When Rachel got up at 5 pm , i noticed her temp was high... yeeks.. we measure her with the ear thermometer.. and it was 39C... dammm.. wat happen... anyway nothing to panick.. gave her some paracetamol..and throughout the night monitored her..

by This morning , her temp still did not drop.. so brought her down to the pade.. lucky he was around still on sunday...inserted a "bullet" into her buttocks to bring her temp down faster.. and Doc say think she is catching the flu.. WTF.. again... this is wat i am worried when we go Japan in April.. hope the kids are strong enough... Iternary i am planning a very loose one.. meaning no rush here rush there...

the other day .. hinted to my GM that in April 08 i will not be around for 3 weeks or so.. he nearly fell off his chair..



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