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月曜日, 12月 31, 0019


Great that Rachel started sleeping on the bed.. but we made one mistake.. we let her sleep on Marcus's bed.. and thinking that Marcus could adapt to sleeping on top.. but once he started sleeping on top , the poor boy started having stuffy nose.. and in the end for thursday , Friday and sat night , the boy did not have a good night's sleep.. and furthermore.. because of Rachel sleeping on his bed in the afternoon , the Poor Rascal also skipped his afternoon nap for 4 days.. till last night , we shifted Rachel to the Master Bedroom to sleep.

Marcus straightaway said he wanted his night milk, and quickly rushed to his bed to sleep in it.. the moment he finished his milk , the poor boy just dozed off to wonderland straightaway..

And the Poor Girl has to readapt to a new sleeping area.. and poor girl, last night she cried for an hour ... till she nearly vomitted out her milk... and lucky .. just a tad of vomitting...

Hiaz.. my princess when she is angry, nothing can stop her crying... hiaz.. she has a bad temper...

i know Mrs did not sleep too well last night...



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