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水曜日, 11月 07, 0019


throat is so much better.. and just now evening.. went out for a 3km jog.. sweated like mad... .. now i have to finish my course of antibotics... princess has a very very bad temper..

This was what happen last night.. she cried and cried for an hour or so past midnight... what happen was, i just finished pouring out the last drop of Root Beer from the 1.5 L bottle when she wanted the empty bottle, i threw it into the bin.. on seeing this.. she started.. damm.. bad temper and spoilt brat... cried non stop , till her voice was hoarse, Marcus also got woken up by her crying...

sob sob.. we were all tortured by her wailing last night..

Today as MArcus class was only 2 hrs , we decided to go down town for some TimSum.. been a while since we had TimSum.... at first we wanted to try Din Tai Fung@Paragon and found out that no TimSum.. boo hoo.. read from somewhere it was famous for its meat dumpling.. but we wanted to have congee for the Princess.... so off we went to Taka...Imperial Treasure (Teochew Cuisine) - Ngee Ann City... at least they had the Congee... when the congee came.. mrs said too watery.. hiaz.. in the end true enough Rachel did not like it.. and ate Marcus's Chicken Noodle Soup... :)....

and the little princess has figured out how to seat up in her rocker... marcus never sat up at all.. my mom said i also did sit up in the rocker when i was










Marcus was helping to rearrange DKNY....





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