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火曜日, 11月 06, 0019


found 4 of them... 2 yesterday.. 2 today.. and also managed to get a THunt$... the wheels of a Thunt$ vs a normal THunt are rubberised..thats the diff

THunt$.. notice the wheels and the color of the body

Normal THunt

after 2 days on the antibotics i feel so much better.. throat is no longer sore and dry... runny nose has stopped.. but the whole day felt very sleepy...but then again..i had to go out to hunt.. lucky i went.. and found myself my very first Thunt$..

Morning was with princess alone as mrs needed to go for a yearly checkup..





Blogger Mockingbird said...

i prefer the conventional die-cast toy cars with metals wheels as they are easier to skid with :) Toy cars with rubber wheels can't skid :p

水曜日, 11月 07, 0019 4:27:00 午後  


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