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日曜日, 11月 18, 0019


Dad SMS me asking to help fetch them to the Harbour Center, as they were leaving for a 10 day cruise to Darwin... oh well.. everytime last minute call me to send them here and there... ok lor... ended up me driving their car home again.. as too lazy to have the car back at their home ...and me taking a bus home... Today decided to bring the Mini Monster truck downstairs for Marcus to have a go at it.. and boy did he control it well.. see the video below... also let him have a go at the 1/10 scale Nitro truck.. he was so excited and happy and said he wanted to try out the 1/8 green buggy i gotten a while back... hahaha the boy... in the Evening , dropped by sis-in-law place for dinner and also for the kids to play.. Yanren has been asking for Marcus... hahaha...



have taken a liking to this particular line of sake... yummy... this is like my 6th bottle already.... in 3 months...




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