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土曜日, 11月 03, 0019

Start of my long leave...

am on leave the whole of next week.. weee.. but too bad the kids are still young.. else if Rachel is at least 2 and half , we would have gone for some quick getaway!!

anyway am not feeling too well.. throat is acting up.. got a dose of Antibotics from the doc.. plus some flu tablet..hiaz....

Sat went down to town to do some shopping.. with Marcus.. had lunch at Lucky Plaza.. then went to Tangs and i found another THunt there..!!..


Also the 3rd series of the Ferrari 60 Anniversary is here and i have completed it.. all 24 cars.

also Mrs told me Marcus can write his own name now.. yippeee at last.. and also he doodled on Rachels doodle board .. a bus..


went to Taka to check out the kitty sales.. nothing much..




went across to Paragon.. and Marcus played at the 5th floor play area...




The boy... hiaz.. he has grown....i still remembered carrying the tiny frame in the first 2 months in the middle of the night..( was carrying non stop for hours.. as we did not know he was lactose sensitive till 4 months later... hiaz the poor boy suffered... ).. but seeing him how he has grown, makes me and mrs feel the joy of it... and also the stress of him..



bought the boy another Thomas set.. this set has Thomas talking in Jap.. niceee.. i like it.. Usual was 129.. now its 29.95 at Taka





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