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金曜日, 11月 09, 0019


festival of lights... no work for all... and public holiday.. decided to go to sis-in-law pace today to let the girl have a taste of water... hehehe.. and thankfully she could fit in Marcus swimsuit...

she was at first wary of the water... but once she got used to it.. she luv it.. :)













After sis-in-law place , by the time i sent mrs home was about 815pm.. me and Marcus decided to pop by DaiSo@IMM to buy some wooden toys... hehehe... somehow, i luv those road signage under this brand of toys sold at Daiso...the signs/ buildings look good and solid... but be careful, i saw some packs of toys with upside down wordings..etc.. so check carefully.. spent about $50 there...






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