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土曜日, 11月 24, 0019

Busy whole week

Have been tasked by GM to manage also the shipment of some wafers.... i machiam can multi task and perform... $#%$^%$#$%... damm tiring.. imagine.. shipping 56 lots on Friday itself till 7PM.. even the planners begged me to forget about the 35 wfrs which we still miss shipment.. hahaha...

anyway... today... went to town with family.... and met my grandma and auntie at we had Tim Sum together..

after that , we had a walk around Taka.. and TRU@Paragon.. bought some TOMICA stuff from OG Orchard and Taka

Hiaz nowadays Marcus is getting out of hand.. once he is angry or frustrated with something , he will start throwing things.. Friday he threw his toy truck and broke it.. i came home , mrs told me about it.. i canned him 4 times... now there are 4 cane marks on his right tight... he just makes my blood boil... the boy.... hiaz....

by the time we got home ,it was 4 pm already.. washed the kids up.. time for dinner again the next blink...hahaha








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