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日曜日, 11月 25, 0019


decided to drop by sis-in-law place again for a swim.. also brought along one of those giant float that Wilson passed to us last yr.. he gave us 4 of them...i did not know the size of the float till i opened it at sis-in-laws place to pump it...






土曜日, 11月 24, 0019

Busy whole week

Have been tasked by GM to manage also the shipment of some wafers.... i machiam can multi task and perform... $#%$^%$#$%... damm tiring.. imagine.. shipping 56 lots on Friday itself till 7PM.. even the planners begged me to forget about the 35 wfrs which we still miss shipment.. hahaha...

anyway... today... went to town with family.... and met my grandma and auntie at we had Tim Sum together..

after that , we had a walk around Taka.. and TRU@Paragon.. bought some TOMICA stuff from OG Orchard and Taka

Hiaz nowadays Marcus is getting out of hand.. once he is angry or frustrated with something , he will start throwing things.. Friday he threw his toy truck and broke it.. i came home , mrs told me about it.. i canned him 4 times... now there are 4 cane marks on his right tight... he just makes my blood boil... the boy.... hiaz....

by the time we got home ,it was 4 pm already.. washed the kids up.. time for dinner again the next blink...hahaha






日曜日, 11月 18, 0019


Dad SMS me asking to help fetch them to the Harbour Center, as they were leaving for a 10 day cruise to Darwin... oh well.. everytime last minute call me to send them here and there... ok lor... ended up me driving their car home again.. as too lazy to have the car back at their home ...and me taking a bus home... Today decided to bring the Mini Monster truck downstairs for Marcus to have a go at it.. and boy did he control it well.. see the video below... also let him have a go at the 1/10 scale Nitro truck.. he was so excited and happy and said he wanted to try out the 1/8 green buggy i gotten a while back... hahaha the boy... in the Evening , dropped by sis-in-law place for dinner and also for the kids to play.. Yanren has been asking for Marcus... hahaha...



have taken a liking to this particular line of sake... yummy... this is like my 6th bottle already.... in 3 months...


土曜日, 11月 17, 0019


nothing much planned.. but decided to drop by town , SIM LIM TOWER to get a switch for the kids motorized bike.. hung around Bugis area BHG and OG Albert..then headed for home...




was "forced" to attend a SNR Management Celebration at Suntec NUS Guild.... hiaz...... anyway on the way there , my boss took the wrong turn and we ended smack right in the middle of Orchard Road on a Friday Night.. JAM... we were supposed to avoid and to use the Rochor Route to Suntec , but in the end , boss turn out from CainHill Road. Anyway it was cool , as we saw the light up happening... hehehehehe



got home slightly high.. and started typing this post.. lol... had 3 - 4 glasses of reddie

金曜日, 11月 16, 0019

i got the Monster Truck...

yeah.. came across a forum page where a fellow forumer saw that for this month, MOTORING SG had a offer for the 3 yrs subscription offer.. subscrbe for the 3yrs and get a Mini Madness Free from CEN Racing...


subscribed it..and this week collected the truck on Yesterday(thursday)... Marcus was so excited when he saw the truck, as now its also his school holidays.


日曜日, 11月 11, 0019

IMM in the evening..

dropped by IMM in the evening.. in the day , did nothing much , mostly stayed at home as in the morning i had to do my duty in office... got home around 1 pm in the afternoon...







金曜日, 11月 09, 0019

Friday night...Marina Square

since i had my parents car ( as they were away for a trip to Genting ), decided in the evening to go to Marina Square to check out John Little Clearance sale there.
Also the parking there was $2.15 per entry...

Had our dinner at the 3rd floor foodcourt.. not crowded on a friday night...also Christmas decorations are out.. strange that at Marina Square and Suntec was not crowded...









festival of lights... no work for all... and public holiday.. decided to go to sis-in-law pace today to let the girl have a taste of water... hehehe.. and thankfully she could fit in Marcus swimsuit...

she was at first wary of the water... but once she got used to it.. she luv it.. :)













After sis-in-law place , by the time i sent mrs home was about 815pm.. me and Marcus decided to pop by DaiSo@IMM to buy some wooden toys... hehehe... somehow, i luv those road signage under this brand of toys sold at Daiso...the signs/ buildings look good and solid... but be careful, i saw some packs of toys with upside down wordings..etc.. so check carefully.. spent about $50 there...




水曜日, 11月 07, 0019


throat is so much better.. and just now evening.. went out for a 3km jog.. sweated like mad... .. now i have to finish my course of antibotics... princess has a very very bad temper..

This was what happen last night.. she cried and cried for an hour or so past midnight... what happen was, i just finished pouring out the last drop of Root Beer from the 1.5 L bottle when she wanted the empty bottle, i threw it into the bin.. on seeing this.. she started.. damm.. bad temper and spoilt brat... cried non stop , till her voice was hoarse, Marcus also got woken up by her crying...

sob sob.. we were all tortured by her wailing last night..

Today as MArcus class was only 2 hrs , we decided to go down town for some TimSum.. been a while since we had TimSum.... at first we wanted to try Din Tai Fung@Paragon and found out that no TimSum.. boo hoo.. read from somewhere it was famous for its meat dumpling.. but we wanted to have congee for the Princess.... so off we went to Taka...Imperial Treasure (Teochew Cuisine) - Ngee Ann City... at least they had the Congee... when the congee came.. mrs said too watery.. hiaz.. in the end true enough Rachel did not like it.. and ate Marcus's Chicken Noodle Soup... :)....

and the little princess has figured out how to seat up in her rocker... marcus never sat up at all.. my mom said i also did sit up in the rocker when i was










Marcus was helping to rearrange DKNY....