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日曜日, 10月 28, 0019


Sunday Sunday.. its so boring.. when the weather is so hot... damm.. the whole morning the sun was blazing down .. damm hot... anyway wanted to go collect my 1/8 scale truggy but wife say wanted to go down to Bukit Timah Shopping Center to check out the new NTUC.. i said ok.. so i changed my plans for the day...

to do all collection in the afternoon , Levin could not make the change as he wanted to go out in the afternoon.. i told him other time then i collect from him...:) he bought me a CAUL Nissan Murano ( wats that you must be saying .. here )

Went down to at about 1030 am... took about 15 mins to reach as we were quite near the place, place was huge.. but i notice they cater mostly to japs.. they even sell the SAKE in 1 L bottles.. about $50 plus








and yipeeroo.. i scored another THunt and its not the usual THunt.. it was a Ferrari Enzo in Red.!!! also i found a yellow 599GTB Ferrari i have the black and red version .. now the yellow.. its makes it complete



Afternoon collected my Truggy .. and Came home.. MArcus and the kids were all sleeping.. so i went about snapping pics of my lattest score from the morning to post it at Vr-Zone...

Marcus eyes is sharp.. the moment he got up , his eyes caught sight of the truggy in the corner...





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