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土曜日, 10月 20, 0019


Morning brought the girl for a hair cut... surprise.. surprise... she did not cry.. and she sat by herself to have her hair trimmed...






met up with my former IA student , he went back home and got me 3 Minichamps DieCast cars cool!!!... these were very detailed items. After meeting up with him , i and Marcus went down to Bugis / OG to see if there is any new stuff.. none.. boring weekend... in the end.. went home..


Again.. evening went to town .. and had dinner at the Chicken Rice Store at Far East Plaza ( 5th floor ).....

After Dinner , i Told Mrs.. lets walk from Far East to Plaza Singapura.. .. ha.. but in the end , we walked till Hereen.. and decided to take the bus down to Plaza Singapura.. needed to get some cheap items from Daiso.. Bought about 10 items.. $20.
Well surprise me was Marcus, he was helping to carry all items..and when we were making our way to the cashier, i stopped halfway to checkout some items.. and afterwhich , i could not find him.. i tot.. shit!! again lost him .. but lucky me Mrs was at the main entrance waiting as the store was too packed... i went to her and asked her you saw him.. She looked at me..I said shit.. i returned back to the store.. and there he was Queueing at the cashier.. and he was the first one, i promptly scolded him .. saying.. Marcus.. why you did not queue up?.. The nice couple behind him told me.. he did .. he did queue up.. just that he had no $$ on him to pay.. i was like.. errr.. Paiseh.. but then again looking back, Marcus is changing and self developing himself daily...

More new challenges for me and mrs...








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