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月曜日, 10月 08, 0019


hiaz.. Rachel the poor girl made us very tired last night... anyway .. i had to meet someone over at China Square to close a deal on some Ferrari cars... brough Marcus alone with me .. and as it was close to lunch time, did not have much time to check out those weekend stores at China Square.

Marcus eyes were sharp also.. we pass one of those store and he saw a Thomas and Train set, he said PaPa buy.. i stopped and i looked.. $8 .. for a whole set.. ok.. so i bought it.. only thing missing was the lorry which i had a extra one at home.. James and the rest of the track items were there..

after that headed for lunch at the Fook Hai building.. sky was turning grey.. and was afraid it would downpour.. had actually wanted to plan to drop by Marina Square John Little also... but seems weather do not permit.. it rained... went home..





got home at 3 pm, mrs say Rachel cannot.. she is all rashes.. so i lan lan brought her down to KK hospital on my own... saw the doc and got the medicine.. doc say its allergy rash.. ask mrs, and she says suspect last thursday gave her 1 whole egg... i was like fwah...anyway she was give some ati itch medicine

no wonder we suffer the last few nights.








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