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日曜日, 10月 14, 0019

Rachel is bad

her sleeps at night arent getting better.. she would sleep for 3 hrs or so.. then cry.. and then both of us will be awake trying to rock her back to sleep.. then 1hr or so.. again same thing happen.. hiaz.. wats going on...

Anyway .. i think i gotten bitten by the Lego Bug... went down Causeway Point again in the morning to check out the Legos ... see any new arrival.. decided to buy the Technic Fire Engine Set. Found out from the Metro staff there why these are going at such a large discount cause of the damages to the boxes.. yup.. the boxes are in not so pristine condition but still presentable me who cares.


After Causeway point , we made our way down to town on the MRT to Bugis to check out the sales there at BHG.. Muji was having some sales.. nearly bought a jacket.. but decided not too.. seldom wear.. its more of those causal sort of jacket.. :)


Tried fixing up the Techinc Fire Engine in the night but with Rachel around , a semingly easy task of 4 hrs.. stretch to 12 hrs... in the end completed the fire engine the next day only..




oh my sis-in-law passed me her LShaped sofa set as she was shifting to a new place.. such a waste to throw it away.. its was in good condition , Bro-in-law transported it over to our place in the day and i had rearrange the whole living room.. the kids luv the new sofa set.. and Rachel was climbing up and down , we were worried she might fall off.






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