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月曜日, 10月 29, 0019

Noodle Price to go up...

knnn...chicken price go up.. flour price go up... construction raw material price go up... now noodle price go up... what is next??.. my salary go up??... knn.. that is the only thing that seems to go up the slowest....

YOU may soon have to pay more for a bowl of noodles.
Following a jump in flour prices recently, the wholesale price of noodles are shooting up too.

On Sunday, Singapore Noodles Manufacturers' Association announced that it has recommended a price increase of 20 to 30 per cent for its 30 members.

This means raising prices by 20 to 30 cents per kilogramme (kg), depending on the type of noodle.

Members can increase prices immediately, or by November 1, said the association's chief, Mr Phua Koon Heng told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao on Sunday.

They can decide whether to raise prices, or how much to raise.

The rise in noodle prices was expected, following news about an expected 20 cents rise in the price of a loaf of bread last week.

Both are linked to the spike in flour prices caused by a shortage in the supply of wheat worldwide.

In a statement, the association said its members have to raise prices 'as a last resort to cope with the dramatic rise in their cost burden'.

It spelt out price hikes for raw materials used in making noodles, such as bread flour, which has gone from $20.50 per 25 kg in July to $28 in October.

Likewise, the price of ordinary flour has increased 50 per cent, from $15 to $22.50 per 25 kg. Noodles oil has also gone from $1.50 to $2 per kg over the same period.

On average, the cost of raw materials has gone up by a third.

It said members also had to deal with rising diesel prices, wages, rental and other assorted charges.

The hike was to 'offset the increase in business costs'. But this may not be enough to cover all its costs, added the association.

Hawkers interviewed on Sunday said they were not increasing prices for now.

Ms Siu Ping, 38, a helper at a noodle stall, said the price of vermicelli has already gone up from $7.50 for a 3kg packet to $9 two weeks ago.

But she said there are no plans to raise the price of its noodle dishes.

Likewise for Mr Jimmy Ng, 33, who helps out at a chicken rice and noodle stall, said his noodle supplier has not increased prices yet. He now pays $1.70 to $2 for a kg of noodles.

Executive director of the Consumers Association of Singapore, Mr Seah Seng Choon, said the rise in wholesale noodle price was 'marginal'.

'We will expect hawkers who are using the noodles to refrain from taking advantage of this increase in cost to up the price,' he said.

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