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土曜日, 10月 06, 0019


busy week for me.. total bogged down by production line being full till whole semicon line is jammed... damm.. operations meeting daily was fun to watch.. so many shows.. lol..

Anyway... my rule of thumb is "Friday leave office early!!!".. so upon reaching home at 6pm , we went to town .. damm weather was a hot night.. nothing much to buy... just walk walk see see.. dropped by a couple of places.. Tangs , Taka. Mrs bought a dress for Rachel from Taka as it was on offer. Rachel in terms of getting to walk on her own two feets is taking a while.. Marcus was able to walk when he was her age now... and he just refuses to sit in the pram that time...

Princess , from what we could see.. she will sit on the pram like a princess being ferried around as long as she can. Fellow colleague commented that she has a pair of soulful eyes.. i wonder...




Rachel ah Rachel.. after our trip out in town , the night was not peaceful for us all.. dun know what really happen , she would sleep for an hour or so .. then get up colicky... crying for at least an hour, she did this three times.. and by the time we all slept , its was nearly morning.. and poor me.. i still had to cover Sat duty today!!!

We noticed also rashes on her body.. and suspected heat rashes due to the warm night....

I received 2 good news this week.. firstly.. my reservist days are over!!!.. yipee.. received a SAF100 for a MR Certificate Presentation.. officially no more reservist liao... screw the army... Secondly , received my remaining GITS(Ghost in the Shell) dvds on Wed.. now my set is complete.. all Region 1..




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