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金曜日, 10月 12, 0019

Friday .. Marina Square...

On leave Today.. since i have many days to clear.. now typically i will clear Friday or Monday.. hahaha.. just to make sure i get my weekend worth...

Marcus had a short day in class today.. finish at 10am .. and i went to picked him up from school .. afterwhich bath and change.. Dropped by John Little at Marina Square since we have not been there since it opened.. noticed that the Marina SQ branch was all on 1 level.. unlike the rest where the various Dept are broken to different levels...

Arrived around 1110 am.. so walked around for about an hour.. then off we went for lunch.. Decided to have our lunch at Suntec Republic Food Court.. the newly done up place on the 1st level of the Main Convention building.. Place was clean.. but price cut throat!!!.. Tim Sum was $4 per tray.. damm eat at restaurant also not so ex.. but the service by the FT ( foreign Talent ) was good -> no dirty face , or chit chatting when they are free, they look serious in their job.. and professional also..

even when Marcus spill his cup of drinks on the floor, they came and cleaned it up asap, me and mrs were so paiseh.. Marcus... hiaz...

After Suntec , we carry on shopping at Marina Square, came across BricksWorld at Marina and saw that the price of the Recent Lego items i bought were way lower than what was selling at the store here.

Rachel is walking!!!.. :)















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