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金曜日, 10月 19, 0019

Friday evening

left work early to go to 20 Toh Guan Road. Black & Decker and Samsung Service Center is there.. 2 things to get , the Platen for the Ordbit Sander (BD190) and my homes washing machine filter bag.

Left office at 4 pm.... took the bus , train to JE MRT and walked from there.. damm the walk from the MRT station to the Building is about 15 mins walk...lucky no sun else i will be sweating.

In the end bought both items needed, spent about 30 mins at both service center.Then went home straightaway as wife wanted to make a trip down to town.

Off we went to town.. , fed Rachel at the Macdonald at LukyPlaza basement , as that was the only place with a baby chair. After dinner at that foodcourt at Lucky Plaza , had a walk walk around Taka / Paragon area.. nothing much to buy..saw Taka having the Subaru Impreza Launch party.. dunno which stupid singer was singing.. screaming at her top of her voice.. more like screaming than singing... yuks...

anyway.. left town early.. and got back to our hometown aroun 930.. still have time for some MAC... :) Marcus wanted fries..







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