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日曜日, 10月 14, 0019

AMK Hub...

the new AMK Hub.. have not been there since the place opened, so prepared the kids early.. and left home about 10am .. need to take a bus.. and change to a Train..Weather was beginning to shows signs of bad weather.. but thankfully it held till we were safetly in the train.. hehehe...

AMK Hub is nothing grand.. all that hype.. only the NTUC is big big as Carrefour Suntec.. but thats all.. the shops there are pathetic.. and the whole of 3rd and 4 floor are occuppied by a foodcourt, NTUC income, some enrichment schools and a Cinema..

Anyway Eu Yan San was having some opening sales.. and mrs bought her "bai feng" pills.. 3 boxs for $88 normal is about $150 for 3

Also Halloween is run the corner.. and Marcus tried on a Witch's hat with artificial hair... lol..








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