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火曜日, 10月 30, 0019

Kids Face Recognition..

hehehe.. use the kids pic also...this is what i got..





月曜日, 10月 29, 0019

My Heritage - Face Recognition

thinkerign around with this webby.... hahaha.....

updated a new one.. at least Ayumi is there... :D


tried a couple more...



who the hell is margaret cho??.. found in Wiki

old one

Noodle Price to go up...

knnn...chicken price go up.. flour price go up... construction raw material price go up... now noodle price go up... what is next??.. my salary go up??... knn.. that is the only thing that seems to go up the slowest....

YOU may soon have to pay more for a bowl of noodles.
Following a jump in flour prices recently, the wholesale price of noodles are shooting up too.

On Sunday, Singapore Noodles Manufacturers' Association announced that it has recommended a price increase of 20 to 30 per cent for its 30 members.

This means raising prices by 20 to 30 cents per kilogramme (kg), depending on the type of noodle.

Members can increase prices immediately, or by November 1, said the association's chief, Mr Phua Koon Heng told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao on Sunday.

They can decide whether to raise prices, or how much to raise.

The rise in noodle prices was expected, following news about an expected 20 cents rise in the price of a loaf of bread last week.

Both are linked to the spike in flour prices caused by a shortage in the supply of wheat worldwide.

In a statement, the association said its members have to raise prices 'as a last resort to cope with the dramatic rise in their cost burden'.

It spelt out price hikes for raw materials used in making noodles, such as bread flour, which has gone from $20.50 per 25 kg in July to $28 in October.

Likewise, the price of ordinary flour has increased 50 per cent, from $15 to $22.50 per 25 kg. Noodles oil has also gone from $1.50 to $2 per kg over the same period.

On average, the cost of raw materials has gone up by a third.

It said members also had to deal with rising diesel prices, wages, rental and other assorted charges.

The hike was to 'offset the increase in business costs'. But this may not be enough to cover all its costs, added the association.

Hawkers interviewed on Sunday said they were not increasing prices for now.

Ms Siu Ping, 38, a helper at a noodle stall, said the price of vermicelli has already gone up from $7.50 for a 3kg packet to $9 two weeks ago.

But she said there are no plans to raise the price of its noodle dishes.

Likewise for Mr Jimmy Ng, 33, who helps out at a chicken rice and noodle stall, said his noodle supplier has not increased prices yet. He now pays $1.70 to $2 for a kg of noodles.

Executive director of the Consumers Association of Singapore, Mr Seah Seng Choon, said the rise in wholesale noodle price was 'marginal'.

'We will expect hawkers who are using the noodles to refrain from taking advantage of this increase in cost to up the price,' he said.

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日曜日, 10月 28, 0019


Sunday Sunday.. its so boring.. when the weather is so hot... damm.. the whole morning the sun was blazing down .. damm hot... anyway wanted to go collect my 1/8 scale truggy but wife say wanted to go down to Bukit Timah Shopping Center to check out the new NTUC.. i said ok.. so i changed my plans for the day...

to do all collection in the afternoon , Levin could not make the change as he wanted to go out in the afternoon.. i told him other time then i collect from him...:) he bought me a CAUL Nissan Murano ( wats that you must be saying .. here )

Went down to at about 1030 am... took about 15 mins to reach as we were quite near the place, place was huge.. but i notice they cater mostly to japs.. they even sell the SAKE in 1 L bottles.. about $50 plus








and yipeeroo.. i scored another THunt and its not the usual THunt.. it was a Ferrari Enzo in Red.!!! also i found a yellow 599GTB Ferrari i have the black and red version .. now the yellow.. its makes it complete



Afternoon collected my Truggy .. and Came home.. MArcus and the kids were all sleeping.. so i went about snapping pics of my lattest score from the morning to post it at Vr-Zone...

Marcus eyes is sharp.. the moment he got up , his eyes caught sight of the truggy in the corner...



土曜日, 10月 27, 0019

Yanren is here..

looks likes sis-in-law will bebringing Yanren to my place hair saloon for a hair cut... she said that with me around the boy dare not make a rackle of not wanting to have his hair cut..

Marcus was happy.. actually our plan for the morning was after Yanren had his hair cut, me and Marcus will go out to get some spares for the Firelap Truck and the Enzo... but when i asked Marcus, he said "PaPa gp buy , Marcus no go..." I was dumbstruck as i tot Marcus would want to follow as i told him on Thursday night , he has been saying he wants to go along. But looks like having Yanren around , he prefer to stay home.. :)..





金曜日, 10月 26, 0019

Weekend again...

weekend is here again... hiaz.. dunno how some ppl can survive with not enough money... even thru borrowing.. :(

anyway thats thats... Friday had dinner downstairs at the foodcourt.. Marcus brought along the monster Truck to play also...




木曜日, 10月 25, 0019

Firelap Ferrari.. 2.0..

its a Kyosho MR-02 MM clone... cheap wor.. $55.. and get a cool looking controller with a digital display...collected the item just now from the seller.. he was also staying near my area.. hehehehe..... do a search in Singapore Yahoo Auction Webby.. do a search for "firelap"..





水曜日, 10月 24, 0019

i am so tired...

GM has been requesting me to be on top of that issue the other dept is facing.. helping in the damage assessment.. its not pretty.. many damages... had a farewell lunch with a fellow colleague.. and found that he is joining another semicon company..

i have been with my current company for 7 plus yrs.. i think i am getting the 7 yr itch liao!!!

火曜日, 10月 23, 0019

Updated the kids ticket below..


Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker
Lilypie 5th Birthday PicLilypie 5th Birthday Ticker

日曜日, 10月 21, 0019

Tao Payoh Hub...

damm .. trip cut short... nothing to say too much.. only had lunch there.. waste time...

Evening had dinner at Beauty World.. as Mrs wanted to buy some items from the Shop and Save there .. of which the branch at our area do not seem to carry it at all... I dun understand.. advertise in papers.. but no stock even i went on day 1


repaired the miniz truggy with parts from Kyosho... lucky they fit... i really respect China made stuff.. lol.. interchangable...

Now figuring out how to mod the truggy to use Lipo batters

土曜日, 10月 20, 0019


Morning brought the girl for a hair cut... surprise.. surprise... she did not cry.. and she sat by herself to have her hair trimmed...






met up with my former IA student , he went back home and got me 3 Minichamps DieCast cars cool!!!... these were very detailed items. After meeting up with him , i and Marcus went down to Bugis / OG to see if there is any new stuff.. none.. boring weekend... in the end.. went home..


Again.. evening went to town .. and had dinner at the Chicken Rice Store at Far East Plaza ( 5th floor ).....

After Dinner , i Told Mrs.. lets walk from Far East to Plaza Singapura.. .. ha.. but in the end , we walked till Hereen.. and decided to take the bus down to Plaza Singapura.. needed to get some cheap items from Daiso.. Bought about 10 items.. $20.
Well surprise me was Marcus, he was helping to carry all items..and when we were making our way to the cashier, i stopped halfway to checkout some items.. and afterwhich , i could not find him.. i tot.. shit!! again lost him .. but lucky me Mrs was at the main entrance waiting as the store was too packed... i went to her and asked her you saw him.. She looked at me..I said shit.. i returned back to the store.. and there he was Queueing at the cashier.. and he was the first one, i promptly scolded him .. saying.. Marcus.. why you did not queue up?.. The nice couple behind him told me.. he did .. he did queue up.. just that he had no $$ on him to pay.. i was like.. errr.. Paiseh.. but then again looking back, Marcus is changing and self developing himself daily...

More new challenges for me and mrs...






金曜日, 10月 19, 0019

Friday evening

left work early to go to 20 Toh Guan Road. Black & Decker and Samsung Service Center is there.. 2 things to get , the Platen for the Ordbit Sander (BD190) and my homes washing machine filter bag.

Left office at 4 pm.... took the bus , train to JE MRT and walked from there.. damm the walk from the MRT station to the Building is about 15 mins walk...lucky no sun else i will be sweating.

In the end bought both items needed, spent about 30 mins at both service center.Then went home straightaway as wife wanted to make a trip down to town.

Off we went to town.. , fed Rachel at the Macdonald at LukyPlaza basement , as that was the only place with a baby chair. After dinner at that foodcourt at Lucky Plaza , had a walk walk around Taka / Paragon area.. nothing much to buy..saw Taka having the Subaru Impreza Launch party.. dunno which stupid singer was singing.. screaming at her top of her voice.. more like screaming than singing... yuks...

anyway.. left town early.. and got back to our hometown aroun 930.. still have time for some MAC... :) Marcus wanted fries..





木曜日, 10月 18, 0019

JMP 7.0

hehehehe.. installed JMP 7.0 .. luv the feel of it.. :)


Marcus.. knows hot to use a Gun

He knows at last how to control a RC car using a Gun Control... have been trying to get him to control a RC car with a Gun Type control for ages.. at last ..he knows..

Was down at the Plaza after dinner and he brought along thr Epoch Spec II he is controllng the car.. great!!![cloud9.gif]