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水曜日, 9月 19, 0019

Tuesday.. IMM again

Went to IMM again as previous night , mrs said did not finish walking the whole place, as she was stuck at Giant 1st floot buying gocery. so left work slightly earlier. Got home change and took the kids out. Marcus was so happy as he was mentioning to mrs .. "papa come home we go sit ah ma's car".. oh the boy.. looks like he is really crazy about cars... I told him better study hard than can make lots of money to buy car. He said he wants to be a doctor.. i dunno how true.

IMM was not crowded in the weekend.. but the damm carpark was full.. dunno whose cars are those if there is no shopping crowd.. strange.. anyway park on the 5th level and took the lift down.. window shopped at Best Denki , Daiso , Kids Mall , Action toys...

With a car , we could shop a little later till about 10 pm.. else if we were taking the bus, we need to leave by 930 pm to get home around 10 pm.








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