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日曜日, 9月 02, 0019


ya lar.. plan it then we can go.

Sat night was also busy replacing all my house halogen light which is faulty. All the faulty bulbs had faulty halogen holder connecter.The connector for the bulb was either contact point no good or corroded thus rendering it useless.

Total damage 5 bulbs, bought the 2 pin halogen connector on sat from Sim Lim Tower and replaced all the faulty ones, also as luck would have it , NTUC was having a Osram Sale.. ( 5 halogen bulbs for $8. Usual its $2 each ), so bought 10 pcs

At Sim Liw Tower while buying the Halogen bulb connector, found out that there are LED type replacement for the 12V 50W Halogen bulbs.. so meaning that it would be cooler to use, but the price of one pc is ex.. about $10.

Sunday dropped by town to check out the sales which Tangs and Isetan is having, bought some clothes for the kids. and also Mrs found the Pram "RainCoat", cheap , price was $15 with further 20% off.

Shes looks likes a small bee ...















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