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日曜日, 9月 09, 0019

Sun.. Sunnny sunday...

Damm weather was hot hot hot today.. sun was at its brightest.. shinning down big and bright..... had to meet up with a seller for a SeaGate FreeAgent USB drive ( 250GB ) for $100.. ok lar.. the price.. but have to meet her at Sengkang.

Took bus to Little India station and then the train up to SengKang about 20mins. With the NE line seems that SengKang is very very near to town.

transacted on the deal and hung around SengKang for Lunch and there was a Care Bear show .. Marcus wanted to watch. Luckily i bought some things which cost more than $10 at the mall as you need a ticket to enter to watch the show and have photo taken with Care Bear and Share Bear.. dun ask me who is who.. i also dun know.. Ugly pink and blue gay bear


got home at about 4 pm by the time i finished doing what i needed to do.

Little Princess now has discovered the joy of going out.. now whenever me and Marcus was going to step out of the house , she will cry. damm... soon i have to start sneaking out of house. I still remembered vividly when Marcus was around that age and i had to do it for nearly 6 - 9 months before he understood that i will be home later.




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