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金曜日, 9月 14, 0019

Some Updates JH300

Update : found a shop at SimLim selling this Recorder at $150 .. also with 1 yr warranty... i think i will get it.. but first.. my meddlesome ego tells me.. try to salvage the spoilt set first..

NXP link

Information i found so far Chipset of drive used in the JH300
Model VAD8031/01 by Philips Optical
Chipset used is a Philips PNX 725X

The BenQ DW1620A uses Nexperia PNX 7860E while
The BenQ DW1640 uses Nexperia PNX 7860E/G/M1

so i might need to look for something using the PNX 7850 which the old BenQ DW800/822A uses



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