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日曜日, 9月 16, 0019


rainy wet day , had to go to office for duty coverage for operations meeting , there are four of us in the management level in my dept , so we take turns coverign saturday duty.

Left office at 11am , plan today was to collect the Benq DVD recordered $150 from a shop at SimLim , but when i called the guy he say stocks not in yet.. ( shucks.. looks like its another pilot mission , put me aeroplane ) anyway since not collecting the item , decided to shop around Forum Galleria TRU to check out what stocks of Burago they have.. yes TRU( Toys R Us ) is having a offer for Burago cars, Buy 1 get 1 free. But there is a catch or when you are buying 2 different scales together , get them to seperate to 2 receipts( meaning 1 receipt for the 1:24 scale car and another receipt for the 1:18 scale ones) else you wil end up paying more. What i encountered was at Suntec the previous weekend , I bought 4 x 1:24 scale car and 4 x 1:18 scale car. Price of them are as follows:
1:24 scale car cost : 14.95
1:18 scale car cost : 19.95

They charged all the cars together and the bill came up to $79 plus.. i was scratching my head , the maths dun add up. I told the cashier and he checked the receipt , and said that as i was buying both scale , the system only register the lower price item as free , meaning i got the 4 x 1:24 scale car free.. and instead i was paying for 4 x 19.95.

I told the guy politely break up my receipt and void my VISA trasanction. He consulted a senior staff ( a lady ). And she came over asking me why should the VISA be voided as the amt will be the same if the receipt is broken up. I told her no.. Do your maths properly.

They broke up the receipts for the 1:24 as one and the 1:18 scales as one.. and the combined total came out to be 2 x 14.95 + 2 x 19.95 = $69.80...

That is a vast difference of $10..!!! damm lucky i was sharp... any for 19.95 for 2 1:18 scale car.. its a damm good buy!!!! i even gave one to Marcus as a rough play car.. on top of the Covertte we gave him for his birthday

The cars!!!....nice.. i will post my collection of 1:18 Scales later


After TRU , loitered around OG Albert , nothing much to buy , managed to clock more points into my OG card as a lady was buying a $240 Lego set and she did not have the OG card , with the Card , she could get a 10% discount which is $24..i lent it to her and she was so thankful.

Got home at 4 pm and Marcus was sleeping and Rachel woke up at 430pm , now Rachel is more attached to Marcus , see this pic , the Rascal was sleeping and Princess was trying to wake him


Evening we dropped by Jurong Point. That is also where i found the Merc 500SEC and the Silver 911 Porsche in the above picture.


Walked around the shopping area, TRU and Kiddy Palace was there , bought a playmart from TRU for Marcus's cars.. the quality of this playmart is good.. but the price was $20 for one... abit expensive in my opinion.








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