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土曜日, 9月 29, 0019


After Jogging / Cycling , picked up a motorized bike.. missing batts...Bike was a thrown away item which me and Marcus saw it discarded at the rubbish point in the morning during jogging/clcyling outing.... on closer inspection i found that basically the wh9le bike was ok.. brought it home.. cleaned it up and plug in the batts from Marcus Red Jeep.. and wala..its working...

After that whole family dropped by Bankit , Marcus wanted a hair cut at the saloon.. while mrs was doing some marketing...




Afternoon dropped by SimLim Square to get some stuffs.. also the 6V battery for motorized bike... bought 2 pcs.. only $13 total...not too ex...

evening dropped by GreenRidge Shopping Center for dinner.. and found some nice tikam cars there....$2 worth it.. and they are HongWells..!!
Tikamed nearly 36 cars.. $2 each.. pratically i emptied out the whole machine... lol the Uncle who was watching me and Marcus turn and turn was amazxed with us... :D



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