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土曜日, 9月 08, 0019

Sat.. cut hair for Yanren

Sat.. cloudy and rainy wet weather.. rain was so heavy. That i did not even go to the market. Marcus's Cousin also dropped by at 10am so that Marcus can accompany him to the barber's for a hair cut. Cause till now my sis-in-law or his grandma has been cutting his hair for him as he refuses to go to the barber. And when he is at the barber's , he will scream and kick like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

And since my sis-in-law is expecting again, she decided that "hmm since he and Marcus so close.. maybe get Marcus to accompany him to the barber and see how it goes"..

Well it all went well.. no screamming.. or kicking like a chicken.. lol..just some sobbing and "mummy calling"






These pics show that they really enjoyed each others company... oh well his cousin left at 2 pm... and i sneaked out at 3 pm as friend sms be saying there is a choroQ sale at suntec...hiaz.. Suntec again.. i was lazy to go there.. as that place is in one corner.. meaning after shopping at that place.. if want to venture to other area , need to take a bus...anyway poped by there.. and bought a number of stuffs... spent nearly $100 there...

In the evening , since on friday night bought some paper latern from NTUC , Marcus said he wanted to go down... ok.. i said...








then about 10 pm , i made my way to Plaza Singapura Carrefour to buy a bicycle. the 26" MTB was on offer $70... the previous i bought a yr back , somehow , the rim was out of alignment and getting a new rim will cost $30.. forget it...i rather buy a cheapo bicycle.. buy .. spoil.. then throw .. buy again.. lol...

bought the bike and cycled home.. from Plaza Singapura to Bukit Panjang.. took m e nearly 40 mins.. lucky the weather was cool and the traffic on the roads were light...



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