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土曜日, 9月 22, 0019

Friday....night at the plaza..

Returned my Parents car on Wed's night, as they were returning on thursday afternoon. After having the car for 2 days... my tots..:
1) parking ex..
2) Petrol $22 for 100KM.. ex also..
3) flexibility in timming.. i think this is the main reason why ppl get a car...but i got a problem .. whenever we wanted to go to town the last 2 nights , i was scratching my head on where is the cheapest place to park in town.

Oh well thank goodness , i did not buy a car and i dun think i will do so in the near future.. unless i have another kid.. :)..

Oh Well Friday night since no car.. no go anyway. Only convenient place is the Plaza downstairs.. lol..

Kids all taken their dinner , so mrs wanted to have a quick bite at Mac.. me and mrs see that Rachel has taken a liking to fries.. oh gosh French Fries.. she was making so much noise.. "mum mum mum mum"... lol...







Blogger Mockingbird said...

Every kid loves French fries. A kid who doesn't like French fries has probably been trained to eat only healthy food all of its brief existence since birth :p

月曜日, 9月 24, 0019 12:08:00 午後  


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