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金曜日, 9月 28, 0019

Friday Night.. Movie at Plaza

Left work early to go and collect my passport which i submitted a application in July..ya i took a long time to bring myself to collect it as ICA kept on rejecting my photo, i discovered that as long as the photo submitted had been used for some gov document , it will be rejected.. ( mine was used in my driver's license , i tried submitting the same pic ) ... dammm.. the whole place was also packed just to collect passport i spent nearly 45 mins... there were about 200 plus ppl infornt of the queue number .. and take note .. its a weekday..


night out at the plaza.. today Marcus's class had no lesson in the day as they shifted the session to a night at the movie... the school planned a night out at the garden plaza for the kids.. the whole school from nurery to K2 was involved.. but one thing the whole place was warm.. and in the end.. after 30 mins...into the movie"Open Season" ppl were leaving...

too hot and stuffy for a movie out...




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