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金曜日, 9月 07, 0019

Friday .. Bugis

cleared a day's leave today as for the next 2 weeks boss is on ICT. Come to think of it, i have not been called up for awhile now. I am just a lowly appointment holder in the Army hierarchy. The lowest of the lowest.. a clerk. hahaha... I think after this yrs IRA assement , i think i will not be called up again. Based on what i could dig out, they call me back once , they can call back another 2 to 3 clerks. Oh well, i am just ranting here..back to topic..

Since it was also the school holidays , the rascal had no classes today.. we went out.Wanted to go out as a whole family but Rachel fell sick on Monday, she caught a flu bug so she stayed home with Mrs

I had some errands to run.. and i can only do all this errands on weekends or when i am off. I basically have no time on weekdays at all cause of work!! even blogging have to do on weekends.. sometimes no time at all even to blog and have to resort to post-blogging ocassionally ( like this post doing it on Monday in office )

Dropped by Bugis , by the time we arrived , it was nearly lunchtime , so decided to have lunch at Bugis. I tot the foodcourt was at basement but it has shifted to 3rd floor.. and damm the place was quite crowded and it was not even the official office lunchtime . i can see many office staff were already at the foodcourt.. All Snake king friday.. lol.. Decor was nice , but the sitting places were a bit limited and cramp. Spending time at the foodcourt will make your clothes smell.. Ventilation or the exhaust for the fumes from the cooking wok was not good enough.

After lunch , dropped by OG Albert , i had to change the OG card to the new card. Only during OG's anniverssary , then will they issue the card. Spend $75 and get the card. So i bought the Tomica Toll Booth set and 2 x 1:18 scale car.. total Damage $140.

Also dropped by SimLim Tower to collect the batteries from UniCell.








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